City               : Kahramanmaras
School Name : Erdem Bayazit Anatolian High School
Website        : http://eba.meb.k12.tr/tema/index.php 
Email             : 754461@meb.k12.tr
Telephone    : +903442110165
Fax               : +903442110166

About School:
        Erdem Bayazıt Anatolian High School started its education life in 2003.Our school is in Mediterranean region and in onikisubat province of Kahramanmaras. Though our school is 10 kilometres far from the city centre, there are regular bus shuttle and public transportationto reach our school. There are 47 teachers, 5 janitors,1 civil servant and 815 students in our school. Our school’s principal goal is to prepareour students to academic life and university. In order to get university, it is a must to work diligently and relentlessly in Turkey because of that we as teachers willingly assist our students with their hardship times. There are also very strong and talented project groups in our school and we have accomplished two Comenius Projects, TOP SCENT and HAND IN HAND respectively