City               : Izvoarele
School Name: Liceul Tehnologic Comuna Izvoarele
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Telephone     :+40747162716, +40249486194
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About us :

The Technological High School Izvoarele aims to provide the community with high quality education and training opportunities including kindergarten, primary, secondary and high school. Staff (around 49 teachers), students (730 pupils) and school community promote and sustain student well-being and positive student behavior in a safe healthy learning environment, also teachers organize extracurricular activities, such as outings, social activities and sporting events and we focus on partnerships development. Through the identified needs we can count the lack of modern equipment to enable students to develop skills that correspond to current development trends. The school has always participated in the improvement plans promoted by the European Union by acquiring various technological tools and by increasing their teachers’ preparation in various fields of knowledge. The pupils’ parents are the school’s partners and they are involved actively in the cooperation with all the teachers so they support various actions taken by the teachers.