City               : Bryne
    School Name: Bryne vidaregåande skole
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    Telephone     :+4751923100
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About School:
            Bryne Vidaregåande Skole is a combined vocational educational and higher secondary school. We are the biggest school in the region with approximately 1600 students and 250 employees (teachers and other personnel). The school is located southwest of Stavanger. The Oil business is located in our region and many of our students in vocational education find work in this industry. The school is also known for its sports department, which closely cooperates with the sports clubs in the region. About 700 students follow classes in higher secondary education and continue at university afterwards. There is a big university in Stavanger. The school is also offering adult education / evening classes. We have approximately 200 students following evening courses. Prison education is also provided in Åna prison. As one of the biggest schools in the region we also provide classes for immigrants. For the moment we have 3 classes consisting of immigrant students who do not have sufficient understanding of the Norwegian language. We prepare students, teaching mainly Norwegian and Social Science courses.