Description of the Project

  The project includes the schools from Turkey, Norway, Italy Romania, Macedonia, and Slovakia. This project addresses students, teachers, schools, families and community who use technology constantly in daily life. In developing World, It’s impossible to ignore education progress without technology which has power to shape our both social and individual life. Therefore we are very eager to learn another’s experiences on technology and share our experiences with the others. There are some obstacles using technology in our classrooms. First our teachers and students have not enough knowledge about how to use and make it useful during the education progress. Second, there are many courses in our schools and it is another problem to put each course’s curriculum into technology and finally how to gather student’s attraction into these classes. We also see a lack of competence among our students when it comes to good manners while using social media as a platform for communication. Technology has been changing at a very fast rate and it sometimes can be difficult to keep up with it. On the other hand almost all our students have smart phones, computer and tablets too. They can use Internet everywhere. Students can reach all types of information at a much fast rate than ever before. They can easily goggle anything, keep themselves updated on the real world and current events. However this is our weak side that they can’t use the technology consciously. They are all open to technology’s trap. They prefer using technology in social networks or games. During lessons students are playing games instead of listening to their teachers, looking up the questions’ answers and cheating. Also Social isolation, Lack of Social skills, depressions, lack of privacy, higher level of deceit, stress, constant distraction, addiction, lack of empathy problems are getting arouse day by day. Obesity, poor sleep habits, neck and head pain, loss of hearing and eyesight problems are the other main problems of our students. We also believe that thanks to this project, we are able to teach how to protect themselves from the dangers of the Internet and how to use in a good manner while using social media and we are able to focus on the way each country manages in order to avoid that technology turns into a devastating tool. Besides that, we would also like our students to gain better confidence in communication with other people

especially people from other European countries, people of different age groups and people from different social contexts. Thanks to this project all participants and stakeholders will be able to come across different languages and cultures.